One student explores the Mac laptops in the RU Bookstore.

As the school year opened, students flocked to find a different kind of book store to fulfill their supply lists. The newly renovated RU Bookstore shows more space than it used to, with fewer fixtures, more browsing space and an updated feel.

Signs directed students to a book pick up path to the right of the entrance hall and found helpful items along the way, including suggested books and items for dorm living.

“I like the bookstore better because it’s more organized,” said sophomore Kasey Sutphin.  “It ‘s cleaner and easier to get around and shop for what I need.”

However, some students, like junior Emerald Lauzon didn’t find a large change in the store. The RU Bookstore still catered to students seeking textbooks, had a small section of food items and of course the bookstore necessity, university apparel.

“Something I did notice was the setup for Mac computers,” junior Jordan Alexander said. “It’s kind of pointless because most students come to college prepared with a computer. If they want a Mac, they can’t drop the $1,500 spur of the moment. It seems like a waste for the bookstore.”

The new management may have promised “a refined shopping experience” however the Follett Higher Education Group may have missed the mark on their attempt.

“I’d rather go to the off campus book store,” Alexander said. “It has more appeal for students. The Book Exchange appeals more to student interests while on campus it’s directed more towards alumni and parents.”

RU Bookstore can only improve in the eyes of the student body.

“I’m waiting to see what else they do,” Sutphin said.