Whatever–Meg Duerksen

Meg Duerksen is a Kansas native who blogs about her daily life putting her 5 kids through school, donating her time to charities, running a photography business and creating recipes while sharing it all online, without any hesitations. Each blog includes photos of each day and the honest truth about her life.


– Meg’s biggest strength is her truth. It’s something that is important in all blogs. If you hide the truth or alter it in any way you are not accomplishing anything.

-Whether it’s photos or a deep description, Meg gives readers an honest look at her life.

-Meg lists several links she enjoys and runs contests to reward readers who also participate in the charities she does.

The Style Rookie–Tavi Gevinson

Tavi Gevinson is taking the fashion world by storm. She’s only 14 years old but she’s catching the attention of fashion editors everywhere. Her understanding of fashion and ability to write so well for her age is impressive.

– Tavi’s strength is her understanding and dedication of her subject. She attends fashion shows and is also brutally honest.

– Tavi analyzes magazines, records videos and includes her own style choices in her blog.

– Her availability of sources help her blog reliability and understanding of her viewpoint.

Slice – America’s Favorite Pizza Weblog


This weblog covers the essentials of pizza: pizza locations, pizza news, recipes and reviews. It goes above and beyond and devotes to the subject.

– Slice covers the depth and analysis of the subject well and is an interesting idea.

– Slice has many critiques and reviews that help readers decide their pizza choices.

– It allows the reader to review restaurants or add their own recipes. It also communicates through Twitter.