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Have you ever awoken one day and found the things you once fought so hard for, felt so deeply for, and spent so much time dedicated to have changed ever so slightly and affected the entire idea you created?

The world is ever-changing, and you should be ever-changing as well. I’ve been told ‘don’t ever stay in one place, one moment or one dream too long or you will lose yourself in the very idea.’ It is important for someone of my age to not stop fighting for something better and something MEANINGFUL. Don’t get lost in something that’s just “okay.”

How do you put something so poetic and descriptive into a literal action of a job, a career? How do you create your meaning in the work you do 9-5? Is it possible that every person out there has the hope of making a perfect fit with their happiness and their career?

I will admit, that is my latest challenge, my direct motivation and my overwhelming need. I ache for change. I feel it approaching, as slowly as possible, and I am both fearful and incredibly impatient with the idea. I want to completely flip my career on it’s head and change the rules.

It’s amazing the power of a dream. I created my position, single-handedly built a career out of something indescribable. A new thing, tried by two or three others without the necessary motivation and who craved more direction. I overcame the directionless, description-less job with a refusal of failure. I wanted more than the title, the money or the status. I wanted respect from myself and for myself and my talents…which I would ultimately discover within the entire process.

It was a learning curve, an honest pain in the ass. But… you overcome your battles. You smile, you reinforce, you go home and vent like hell. Then you feel better. You learn to love yourself because you do not fail, you do not do anything but your best and you appreciate that you have such discipline at a time in your life when not many do. But where does it end?

Sometimes you realize the struggle doesn’t just define you, it becomes you. And a constant struggle will wear down the serious respect, motivation and even talents. Soon, your only desire–only need is to feel talented, motivated and respected.

I’ve spent many days dreaming about my paths. The literal path of my current career, my figurative path of my journalism degree and it’s many short-lived jobs, and the dream path which hasn’t quite defined itself yet.

Where does this path lead and how exactly do I get there? It’s definitely a completely different direction than where I am now. It has to be. I’ve hit a wall and I’ve moved past my creative use.

There’s a use-it-or-lose-it clause to every talent, every dream and every degree. And I have to take the first step …


About Me:

Kate Wilk is a Journalism major attending Radford University. She currently works for two Student Media organizations: Managing Editor for The Tartan, RU's student newspaper and Marketing Manager for Whim, RU's online magazine.

June 2019
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Election: Coverage of Virginia's 9th District Congressional Election--Campaign profiles, Election Day Coverage, Interviews with voters

St. Alban's: Psychiatric Center is on path to rebirth. Interview with owner/patient Tim Gregory, Photography, Interviews with students participating in ghost tours

Animal Adoptions/Abandonment: Radford's student population cares for pets, what to know, resources and opinions

Best Pizza Around: Local food hot spots get analyzed by students at RU. Resources for late night cravings, delivery information, menus, best deals

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