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The student food exhibit located in the Bonnie Hurlburt Student Center was not a typical display. In the open lobby of the Bonnie, student’s three-dimensional sculptures decorated the tables between sitting areas. The exhibit held only sculptures made by students at Radford University, with the subject of food. Food either acted as a medium or a theme.

The artists were students in Art 205. The overall gallery environment was nothing like a traditional exhibit, knowing the Bonnie is a place students usually go to eat, not look at art. The different direction the artists took drew many students to this exhibit.

While traditional galleries are mainly adorned with paintings with vague descriptions under the pieces, it’s sometimes difficult to realize what the painting is depicting. However, when you walk into the Bonnie, the first thing you notice is the sculptures. The descriptions that lay beside the figures give a strong sense of thinking behind the artists’ pieces. Next to each work of art, there was a description that explained how it was made, what it was made of, where the idea came from and how the artist felt about the finished product. There wasn’t any background information on any of the artists, or their style, but each sculpture displayed aspects of their personalities.

The piece that was most noticeable the huge gummy bear made of, you guessed it, gummy bears. This piece specifically leads you to explore the rest of the sculptures.

Even the food theme was very unique. Most of the sculptures were made out of food while a couple used other items to create a food object.

Another attention-grabbing piece was called La Tour Eiffel de Pretzels, by Katie Franklin. Franklin explained a jewelry holder shaped like the Eiffel Tower was her inspiration. She ran with the idea, using only pretzels and hot glue to create a food replica of the tower. The sculpture was about two feet high and a foot wide. The strong architecture of the piece really had this artwork standing above the rest, literally. It looked like it would have been fun to build.

The third sculpture that stood out was titled Waterfall Landscape, by Latoya Tousant. This clearly had a lot of talented work behind it. It was one of the only pieces in the exhibit that was made mostly of materials outside of the food group. It depicted a waterfall ending in a pond. The waterfall was made out of cream cheese and was falling from mountains made from dough. The pond was made from resin epoxy, which gave it a shinny, rippled and realistic look.

Overall, the Bonnie’s student exhibit gave reality and creativity to the classes many students take. Demonstrating the abilities of students and having their work displayed in an atmosphere unlike other art exhibits made this one interesting.

[This article was published in the April 28, 2010 issue of The Tartan. It was also published online April 27.]


The Bonnie boomed with the voice of a chef to take note of. Kevin Roberts worked as the official chef of the Super Bowl and he was standing in front of Radford University students setting their heads straight.

The Los Angeles native wasn’t afraid of the college scene as a Health, Nutrition and Kinesiology major, he knew just where to hit: the junk-food filled stomachs. He had tables set up with actual food and continued to cook throughout his presentation.

Were you aware that scratched pans that are coated with teflon can cause cancer? How about that diet sodas have the same ingredients as formaldehyde? Roberts encouraged the soda-junkies in the audience, “If you’re going to drink soda, just drink the cracked-out version.”

He made a point to hit hard on America’s biggest problem: processed foods. Roberts told students the risks of a heavy diet of processed foods including a increased risk of colon cancer, encouraging those in the audience to flush out their systems with fiber. Apples, cabbage, beans, red grapes, broccoli, kiwi and avacados are packed with the good stuff to keep your colon clean.

He advised students to stay away from certain foods, claiming American cheese to be the worst cheese and called for a substitution with mozzarella, provolone, ricotta, feta, Parmesan or Romano on your next pizza. He also established that green tea, blueberries, pomegranates, cranberries and dark chocolate are filled with anti-oxidants to keep students healthy.

Giving students yet another easy recipe to chew on, Roberts baked grapefruits with cinnamon and honey in his valuable toaster oven. He encouraged everyone to eat breakfast everyday to jump-start their metabolism.

He advised students chow down on a “potassium stick,” or banana after workouts, avoid the iceberg lettuce because it lacks any nutritional value, use soy in place of regular milk and boil your wings before you cook them. Roberts favorite was to boil them in Yingling prior to cooking, knocking off 80 percent of the fat. And the hardest hitting advice of the night was to keep away from margarine because it causes cancer.

The Bonnie was raining bread, hot sauce and Hershey Kisses as the chef tossed the foods into the audience with correct answers to his mini quizzes. He served hot wings, soy milk and cereal, kiwi, grapefruit and gave audience members a first taste of ginger.

Roberts finished off the night of food with a little fun. Picking four volunteers from the audience, they each took one of the many bottles of hot sauce Roberts previously was handing out and the hot sauce drinking contest began. The three men and one woman gulped down the sauce and slammed the bottles down, their faces lit with mild pain.

The Food Dude left students with recipes to use in their dorm rooms or apartments and a sense of how to cook healthy. His cookbook, Munchies is available in book stores now.

Recipes of the night:

Breakfast Bagel Sandwich:
-Bagel (carbs)
-Cream Cheese (dairy)
-Turkey (protein)
-Tomato (live foods)

Grapefruit the right way:
-Honey (Natures sugar)

Best way to have broccoli:
-Sea Salt
-Parmesan Cheese

Poor Man’s Pizza:
-English Muffins
-Olive Oil
-Pasta Sauce
-Parmesan Cheese

[This article was published in the Feb. 24, 2010 issue of The Tartan. It was also published online Feb. 23.]

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