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Poll-goers steadily streamed into one of the 3 polling points of Radford City to cast their ballots for a 9th District Candidate.

Outside the Carter Street Methodist Church, students from the local high school gathered handing out pamphlets for Democrat and Incumbent Rick Boucher’s cause. They were interested in the election after taking part in their high school government class but were disheartened stating, “We’re too young to vote.”

Boucher faces hopeful Republican, Morgan Griffith and Independent candidate Jeremiah Heaton

For those that cast their ballots, a lack of interest was obvious on 2nd Street where voters showed up. It was said that the polls at the Radford Fire Department were empty in comparison to the Church.

Jimmy Whalen  showed up to the church “just to vote” with a bounce in his step but didn’t have many expectations for crowded polls. He didn’t feel that there would be a strong voter turnout, stating “It just doesn’t seem like voting time.” Whalen stuck to his party in the vote.

Others were hopeful that there would be greater involvement in this election. Mary Hill expected a stronger turnout and encourages others to show up and vote on off-year elections, stating voting is “most important.”

When asked about her pick of the ballot she simply said her candidate “helped me years ago with a problem. He’s a good man and he’s helped a lot of other people that I know.”

Younger faces did show up to the polls, despite the usual lack of interest in off-year elections. Sam Mathenis was one of the few walking into the doors of Radford’s West Two Precinct.
“I’ve seen a lot of commercials on TV that made me want to get out and just vote to make sure I voice my opinion and everything,” Mathenis said.
In regards to voter turnout, Mathenis said it’s “not as strong as there should be.” He added, “A lot of people are assuming, at least democrats that since Obama got elected that’s pretty much all the battle and Senate doesn’t really matter but probably not as many people voted as they should have.”
Mathenis said he picked his candidate due to “his past political years–the things he’s done in office. He seems like a pretty trustworthy guy.”

Kay Vyers found herself at the polls in support of the elderly. She said she came to “help the elderly with their taxes.” Vyers stated that she didn’t pick a specific candidate but let the issues do the talking in this election.

As of 7 p.m. Boucher held an early lead over Griffith with only 3% of precincts reporting.

At 9 p.m. the tide has seemed to turn as 15% of precincts reported Griffith to be ahead with 10,084 votes to Boucher’s 8,807. It’s still a close call. Jeremiah Heaton raked in 3,937 votes.

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